Here find the different types of online quiz

The quiz is a short game to expand your intelligence on a particular subject or a mix of topics. It is a source of entertainment and in education to evaluate students. Most of the quizzes are available on online websites. Quizzboom is one of the quiz platforms for web surfers where you can find different categories like personality, movies, TV shows with different types of quizzes.

Different types of quiz

1.     Personality quiz

It is better to take this quiz to find out your personality type. These are highly interactive and help people to analyze themselves. You can take a quiz like Am I dumber? Am I a sociopath?, analyzing character as in Quizzboom? There are several methods to use a personality quiz as a quiz maker. Place it on your website to learn about your audience mentality, and recommend a similar quiz based on their results. It can be both fun or educational.


2.     Scored or Tally quiz

It is another form of a quiz, mainly for assessments and online tests. In this, each quiz assigns a point value. The results are the number of points acquired. You can play this curiously by setting a goal point.

3.     Trivia quiz

Trivia is the subcategory of quiz that is trivial. It is a quiz game involving obscure facts and unimportant matters. The quiz takers try to get more correct answers because it is challenging and fun, especially for parties and events. Many trivia quizzes based on movies are available on online websites like Rick and Morty trivia, criminal minds, Harry Potter as in Quizzboom.

4.     Multiple choice quiz

It is a question with three or four sets of answers. The number of questions you answered correctly is the quiz result. It is highly professional and educational.

5.     Yes or No quiz

It is a short, simplest type of quiz. It has only two answers: either yes or no. It looks simple, but it assigns complex questions to challenge quiz takers.

6.     True or False quiz

It is similar to the Yes/No type. It is easy to create and mainly focuses on facts. It can be easy to evaluate the quiz taker’s knowledge in a short time.