Types of THC Detox Methods for Drug Swab Tests

Passing a drug test is crucial especially if it is a requirement for work. But sometimes, they might schedule the test and give you only a very limited time to prepare. There are also different types of tests done. One of the methods is through a swab test. Make sure that you have prepared for the test ahead of time to avoid problems with your results.

Oral or Saliva Drug Tests

Testing through oral or saliva is one of the most common drug test methods these days. So if you are an occasional cannabis user, THC can be detected in your saliva for up to 3 days after you stopped using. However, if you are a moderate or heavy user, THC can last for up to  29 days. This means that you need that much time to detox for a clean drug test result.

THC Detox Methods for Saliva Tests

There are various detox methods that you can do to ensure that THC is undetectable in your saliva during the drug test. Here are the most popular methods to try:

  • Exercise For 10 Days. If you have enough time before the drug test, spend the next 10 days exercising regularly especially if you are a heavy cannabis user. This will help rid your systems of THC.
  • Mouthwash Before Test. You might be surprised but there are now mouthwash products that are specifically designed for swab tests. Since saliva tests are known to provide accurate results, using mouthwash 15 minutes before the specimen is taken gives cannabis users an on-the-go solution, especially during a surprise drug test. But for best results, it is advised to use the mouthwash ahead of time. However, you have to ensure that this is the only test method to be done because the mouthwash will only cleanse out toxins from your mouth.

Want to learn more about drug tests? Go ahead and follow this link. Being knowledgeable is crucial especially if you are a heavy cannabis user. Remember that THC is not easy to get rid of from your system. You have to give it time and do the methods mentioned above before your drug test. Or else, you will fail and won’t get a THC-free result.